Monday, 24 October 2011

Enema Time

It is a long time since we had a story so here is one by Benson. The theme is a new one here, this lovely girl suffers a punishment enema in the reformatory. Enjoy.

Lorna Jane looked pleadingly at the older woman who had just completed arranging the necessary equipment at the enema table.
In a quavering, tear choked voice she stammered “Ouuuuh…N..Nurse N..North
(sob)….ouuuuh….m..must I have an e..enema? (sob)”
Nora North favored the hapless girl with a cold smile. “You must be a silly girl,
Lorna Jane, to ask such an obvious question. Of course you must have an enema.”
With these words, the nurse donned a red rubber glove on her right hand and
walked over to Lorna Jane. In crisp tones, she directed the girl to place both her
hands flat on the counter top and bend forward slightly. Lorna Jane obeyed at
once. Nurse North now unscrewed the cap on the jar of Vaseline and dipped her
gloved index finger into the vessel. When she withdrew her finger, it was well
slimed and a blob of Vaseline clung to the tip of her gloved finger.
With her left thumb and forefinger, the woman now parted Lorna Jane’s pale and girlishly plump, succulently shapely bare buttocks, exposing the girl’s prominent little bumhole.
Slowly, in order to heighten Lorna Jane’s already dire apprehension, the nurse
began to apply the Vaseline to the girl’s bottom hole until it glistened. “Breathe out,dear,” the older woman now commanded. Then she introduced an inch of her
gloved, Vaseline-slimed finger into Lorna Jane’s girlishly tight bumhole channel.
The girl emitted a squeal of distress. For the next three minutes, Nurse North
slowly inserted her gloved finger ever deeper, rotating it as she did in order to work the Vaseline into the ultra-sensitive tissues of Lorna Jane’s humid, girlishly tight bottom. The lovely girl whimpered and sobbed very prettily throughout the extended process. Lorna Jane also blushed crimson during the procedure. The
nurse’s probing, wiggling finger gave the hapless, tearful girl the humiliating
sensation that she was having a bowel movement!
At last the lubrication was completed, and Nurse North withdrew her finger from Lorna Jane’s succulent bottom with a suggestive, suctioned “plop”. The older women proceeded to wipe her gloved finger clean with an alcohol dampened tissue
and then removed her glove.
She then gripped Lorna Jane firmly by an upper arm and announced, “It’s time for
the enema table, young lady”. Taking small, understandably reluctant steps, the
sobbing girl passively allowed herself to be marched to the narrow, white metal
table which was positioned under a powerful overhead light. The girl’s ripely
moulded, well-lubricated behind swayed and jiggled most appealingly with each
little, spike-heeled step.
“Get a move on, girl,” the strict nurse coldly commanded. “Mr. Tube is looking
forward to slithering up that pretty rear end of yours!”
Lorna Jane gasped and a stabbing pain of horror convulsed her plump little bumhole. The sobbing girl froze, her lovely, rounded knees turning to
watery, wobbly jelly. Her impressionable teenage mind reeled as she found herself
imagining some horrid snake penetrating her intimate anatomy.
Nurse North administered two brisk smacks to Lorna Jane’s lower buttock curves.
The girl squealed and stumbled forward.
Arrived at the enema table, Nurse North now commanded, “Up you go, young lady.
Face down, of course. It’s your other face I’m interested in.” With some forceful
assistance from the experienced nurse, Lorna Jane was soon positioned as required.
“Grip the top edge of the table, young lady, and keep your hands there while I work
on you unless, of course, you’d like a visit with our esteemed Dean of Girls, Miss
Webster. I believe you know what she has in the top right hand drawer of her desk
and how it feels on your well fleshed bare bottomcheeks!”
Lorna Jane’s quivering buttocks spasmed involuntarily. Her trembling fingers
gripped the cold, hard table edge. The girl tightly crossed her ankles in
accordance with the principles of girlish modesty that had been programmed into
her from an early age.
Nurse North gazed appraisingly at Lorna Jane’s girlishly plump, succulently
shapely bare bottom and noted with pleasure that the pale smooth flesh was covered
with the crawling patina of gooseflesh caused by dire distress. Lorna Jane’s behind
was going to be a pleasure to work on. Nurse North had no doubt of that….
The sadistic, lesbian-inclined nurse studied the smooth, pale, girlishly plump surface of Lorna Jane’s curvaceous behind and noted with pleasure that it was prickled with the gooseflesh of dread. Turning away, she opened the white metal door of a wall cabinet. Inside, among the various bottles and items of equipment, she saw
what she was looking for – a rectal thermometer resting in a glass three quarter’s
full of alcohol.
She took the thermometer from the glass, gave it a brisk, practiced shake and once
again approached the enema table that supported Lorna Jane’s delicious weight.
Using her left thumb and forefinger, Nurse North parted Lorna Jane’s peerless
buttocks and looked with satisfaction at the sobbing girl’s plump, Vaseline slimed
little bumhole. The older woman pressed the plump, cool, rounded bulb of the
thermometer against the very center of that intimate aperture. Lorna Jane
whimpered. Then, with practiced expertise, she inserted the end of the
thermometer into Lorna Jane’s girlishly tight bumhole channel and, slowly rotating
the cool glass rod, pushed it in a good two inches.
“Squeeze tightly against that, dear,” Nurse North directed, “otherwise it will be a
visit to Miss Webster’s office and the correction ruler.” A sobbing Lorna Jane
tightened her gluteal muscles, blushing crimson in humiliation at having her
temperature taken like a small child instead of a big 18 year old.
After five minutes, Nurse North removed the thermometer, noting Lorna Jane’s
normal temperature and, after wiping the glass rod with a tissue, returned it to its
home in the alcohol filled glass.
The older woman now administered a light smack to Lorna Jane’s succulent lower
left buttock and ordered, “Uncross your ankles, young lady, and spread your legs as
much as this rather narrow table will permit.”
Lorna Jane obeyed, blushing deeply at how she was exposing herself. As for Nurse
North, her eyes feasted on the girl’s pink, plump vulval lips. She could well imagine
how they would twitch and moisten as her naughty boyfriend felt her up and the
thrill the naughty girl would feel as the lad’s long, thick, rock hard thing thrust between them. Nurse North smiled to herself as she reflected
on the fact that Lorna Jane would have something quite different – and far less
enjoyable – put into her this morning!
The red rubber tube running from the bottom of the hanging enema bag had a red
rubber bulb incorporated in it. This clever device prevented any of the enema
solution flowing into its intended recipient until the enema administrator
compressed the bulb. Nurse North favored short, sharp, well-spaced bulb squeezes
so the enema recipient would distinctly feel each spurt entering her girlishly plump,
succulently curvaceous bottom. The end of the enema tube was rounded, hardened
rubber with a hole in the center through which the enema solution would spurt with
each squeeze of the bulb. The last 6 inches of the tube were marked off with one
inch intervals. As for the enema bag, it contained 24 ounces of lukewarm water to
which two level tablespoons of Ivory soap flakes (99 and 9/10% pure!) had been
Nurse North once again walked over to the counter and procured the jar of
Vaseline. She unscrewed the lid and proceeded to insert about 4 inches of the end of
the enema tube in the greenish white lubricant. Withdrawing the tube, she noted
with satisfaction that it was now well slimed and glistened in the strong overhead
light. Putting the re-capped Vaseline jar to one side, she proceeded to part Lorna
Jane’s ripely moulded buttocks with her left thumb and forefinger. With her other
hand, she aligned the rounded, hardened rubber tip of the enema tube with Lorna
Jane’s quivering bumhole and inserted one inch. The softly sobbing girl gasped and
emitted a poignant whimper.
Nurse North was in no hurry. She wanted Lorna Jane to feel the tube as if some horrid, slimy snake was slowly slithering up her juicy bottom, The older woman augmented poor Lorna Jane’s ordeal by slightly rotating the tube back and forth,eliciting more delicious sobs, gasps, and whimpers. The older woman continued the insertion process.
As Lorna Jane very prettily sobbed, gasped and whimpered,Nurse North worked the enema tube – one inch a minute – into Lorna Jane’s succulent behind. The slowness of the insertion was quite deliberate. Nurse North wanted Lorna Jane to feel as if some horrid snake was slowly slithering up her girlishly tight bumhole channel in a journey of exploration in an area of her anatomy where, normally, no young teenage girl should be made to feel artificial,foraging objects.
At last, the six inch marker disappeared behind Lorna the ambery pink petals of the
girl’s adorable little bumhole. Nurse North now patted the girl’s bottom almost
affectionately and directed, “Very well, dear, you may close your legs and cross your
ankles. Grip the top edge of the table tightly, young lady, and get ready.” Then the
older woman placed a hard red rubber retention plug in front of Lorna Jane’s
flushed, tearwet face and further ordered, “This is Mr. Plug, dear. I want you to
keep your eyes fastened on him while I’m working on you and think about what
he’ll feel like when I put him in you when I’ve completed the administration of your
enema.” Through tear-blurred eyes, Lorna Jane looked despairingly at the horrid
device that would ensure she retained the enema solution until such time as Nurse
North granted her permission to use the nearby toilet.
Sadistically, Nurse North waited a full minute before administering a short, sharp
squeeze. Lorna Jane gasped as she felt three ounces of lukewarm, soapy water spurt
up her bottom. “Did you feel that, dear?” the older woman enquired in a solicitous
tone of voice, “Y..Yes, N..Nurse North,” Lorna Jane responded in a tear-choked,
stammering voice. “That’s nice, dear,” Nurse North responded cheerfully. “We’ll
let you have another in a minute or so. Please be patient.”
It took Nurse North a full seven minutes to empty the contents of the enema bag into
poor, increasingly distressed Lorna Jane. When she was finally finished, she left the
tube in the girl’s succulent bottom and walked around to the head of the enema
table. Picking up the hard red rubber retention plug she had left in front of Lorna
Jane’s face, she held directly in front of the hapless girl’s tear glazed eyes.
“I hope you and Mr. Plug have had a nice opportunity to become acquainted, dear,”
she observed in a jocular tone of voice, “because now he is going to become, shall we
say, very intimate with you.”
The sadistic nurse now once again unscrewed the cap on the Vaseline jar and
proceeded to insert the red rubber retention plug in the lubricant. When she with
drew it, the plug was nicely slimed. She returned to the enema table and ordered
Lorna Jane to again spread her legs as much as the narrow table would permit.
Once the girl had obeyed, Nurse North swiftly withdrew the enema tube from Lorna
Jane’s bottom, eliciting a very pretty gasp from her victim. Then, using her left
thumb and forefinger, she parted the girl’s ripely moulded buttocks enough to
expose Lorna Jane’s plump little bumhole. With a practiced eye, Nurse North lined
up the rounded end of the retention plug with that delightful orifice, ordered the girl
to “breathe out”, and then thrust about a third of the smooth, hard, Vaseline slimed
device into Lorna Jane who emitted a high pitched, tear choked cry of pain. The
smiling nurse ignored the girl’s plaintive cry of distress and simply administered
another push which fully inserted the plug in the blubbering girl’s exquisitely
curvaceous behind.
“There you are, dear,” Nurse North announced in a genial tone of voice. “Now you
and Mr. Plug can really get acquainted. Close your legs and cross your ankles like a
properly brought up young lady, dear. You can spend the next half hour or so face
down on the table while the solution cleanses you properly.”
The sadistic nurse departed, leaving a sobbing, gasping, whimpering Lorna Jane to
her fate. A desperate pressure would build up against the retention plug. Then the
solution churned upward, releasing the anal pressure but soaping the girl’s insides.
Lorna Jane’s colon squeezed and worked, urgently forcing the invader downwards,
This cycle repeated itself over and over again and, as it did, the lovely teenager’s
girlishly plump, succulently shapely behind wiggled and rippled much the way it did
when her beloved boyfriend, Rod Long, was feeling her up as a prelude to an
ecstatic session of carnal capers. In this case, however, the reasons for Lorna Jane’s writhing ass were very, very different!!


David said...

Milky white Beautiful Skin with a lovely pretty face and blonde hair. Her vaginal lips are gorgeous and may well be sucked and licked and her rectal opening ( ass/bottom hole) should be tongued as deeply as possible. Maybe she will enjoy this, demanding ever deeper probing from her Lover's tongue before the insertion of his massive Rock-Hard Cock. She will be Fucked, Doggie-Style,like a Bitch in Heat before the moment of ejactulation. Her pretty face will then be presented and as the young man's Cock spasms wildly spurting jet after jet of Hot, Sticky Cum over her... she will allow as much as possible to cover her face before gently milking the final pulses from her Stallions Beautiful Penis...

Dave said...

Not quite the scenario I or Nurse North had in mind, David.